2019 Tips & Trends

Now that we're a few months into the new year we can start to see the strong trends emerging in menswear. Light wash denim, mismatched prints and the perfect coat are just a few trends to be seen on any street but what is also surprising is the accessories men are choosing to add to their outfit. Aside from your staple watch a trendy ring or two is also needed to complete any outfit.

So, how could you go wrong? you can't. Whether the ring of your choice is a wedding band, a family ring, stone or patterned this year you'll always be on trend incorporating any ring into your look. 

A great tip for 2019 is to wear no more than three rings at a time, this way each ring won't over shadow the other. Be sure to wear your rings with the utmost confidence, this year as the men's fashion world is only becoming vaster worldwide.  Make sure that ring is noticed!

Purchasing a ring that is durable and scratch proof is probably the best idea for any buyer. Stainless steel & titanium rings are the best option in terms of scratch proof and durability. Although, this does not disregard any other rings made from different metals. 


For the foreseeable future mens accessories and fashion will only gain in popularity, so why not begin your collection now.

It's best to start your collection off with a basic piece and build from there. Once you've become accustom to your first ring or bracelet, you're able to collect all different designs and wear with ultimate style.

In terms of what to pair your brand new accessories with, ANYTHING is the answer! If you feel your outfit is too simple theres nothing better than adding a statement ring. 

Pairing a ring and/or accessory with an outfit is easy. From casual everyday looks  and amazing street style all the way to high fashion or business attire any addition of rings will look great.

All in all, 2019 may be the year of ramping up your look in terms of accessorising. Be sure to follow trend and always add your own spin to your look to make it unique to you.