5 Guidelines for Men's Accessories

Are you in the know? 

The fashion world has an extremely lengthy and important history and because of this society has picked up on a few of the rules (or should I say, tips & tricks) along the way. 

Following said rules may or may not come out in your favour but more than likely it will and you're guaranteed to look amazing everyday. 



Here are FIVE guidelines for Men's Accessories

1. How much is too much?

As a general rule, when accessorising stylists recommend no more than three accessories at one. This means three rings, three bracelets is great and even eye catching. BUT no more. Remember you probably already wear a watch so you don't want to over accessorise and annoy yourself. 

2. What style suits me best?

Assuming you've collated a personal style already, either try something new or stick within your comfort zone. The fashion world loves a risk taker! The idea with a good men's accessory is that it complements your outfit well.

ie. adding a few rings to a jeans and t-shirt look takes it  to the next level without looking ridiculous or you might like to be subtlety complementive to a suit with a bracelet or one ring.

3. Gold or Silver

One of the most common mistake made when buying jewellery, is not buying what best suits you. An important thing to remember when buying is, what skin tone you have. What do you do if you don't know your skin tone? That's easy! have a quick glance at your veins, if they appear more blue this means your undertones ( for your skin) are cool and if you think they look more green then you have a warmer undertone. 

How to go from here in terms of picking the right jewellery for you? Again this is easy! Cool toned skin better suits silver, white gold and platinum. Warm toned skin suits, you guessed it gold, copper, brass and rose gold jewellery. 

If however you really love a piece that doesn't best suit your skin. Don't stress. You can still wear it and look great.  

4. Go for Quality

Now, we're not saying to go crazy out of your budget range however, having a just a few pieces with a larger price tag must just go the mile. Always remember quality over quantity! These quality pieces are more than likely going to be made out of more durable metals. For example a titanium ring will last longer than one that it coated. 


5. Practice makes Perfect

Refining your look will only take time and practice. Remember you always want to love what you're wearing and feel the utmost comfortable. Confidence radiates off ones self and others notice. A little practice never hurt anyone. Trying different looks and different ways of accessorises your look is the only way you'll find what you love the most.