Beautiful Mens Wedding Ring

Men Wedding Ring.

It is the ring that encloses your fourth finger symbolizing a sacred promise between two individuals. Fascinating to see how such a small item holds a very heavy meaning. But things weren't always like this...

Did you know that before World War II, the tradition that both men and women wore wedding rings simply did not existed? Yes, mentioned in here, men only begun wearing wedding rings during those gruesome war periods in order to remember their wives back home. In this manner, some may say that these rings also represent hope. Yet, now as you observe people walking on the street, it is no more uncommon for you to see a glint from the corner of your eyes coming from mens ring finger. Left or right hand, both are equally common. Yupp, times have changed. So what happened?

Traditionally, men wore their wedding rings on their ring finger. However, where it is worn differs with different cultures. For example: in America, you wore your ring on your left hand while traditional Indians wore their ring on their right hand. 

Now let’s take a look at the brief history of men’s wedding rings and how it all began...

Way back in time, the first ever to ever wore rings were the Egyptians.

Now in order to tie together their marriage, they chose the fourth finger for this accessory. This is because they believed that the fourth finger (also known as the ring finger) has a vein which directly connects to the heart. The Romans called this the vena amoris, or the "vein of love".

Years passed and men continue on to give women wedding rings and women then wore these rings during a marriage proposal. This became a symbol of 'love for eternity'. The circular shape of the ring signifies this eternity as a circle goes in a loop infinitely, with no end. Only after the break of World War II did men wore wedding rings too as mentioned previously. This was done so that during the despair of the wars, they would remember their wives waiting back at home for them.

Soon after, the Korean War happened and the sentimental value of wedding rings for men grew even more overwhelming. Today, these sentiments are still alive and well even supported with their not-so-rare availability.

Now, after time have passed, wedding rings have become more crucial than ever. Not only for their symbolism but also for their power over fashion! From different sizes to different materials - first made from grasses during Egyptian time, to leathers, on to bones till today to metals. It has even become unimaginable to think of a time when ring did not exist. Ranging from the different metals (gold, tungsten), different colors to whether you want it engraved or not (just to get a personalized touch), the options are endless!

Additionally, with our advanced technology-based generation, it is easier than ever for you to buy these mens wedding rings.

Seriously, what a lucky time we live in!