Clothing and Jewellery for Men

You’ve just got home, put your shopping bags down and get straight into the new shirt you've just bought, admiring yourself in the mirror incredibly happy with the purchase. After a few moments you start to sense something is missing, something is lacking, what is it? No outfit is complete without jewellery, modern men need men's jewellery to really make their mark in any environment. But how are you meant to know which pieces of jewellery go with which piece of clothing? Let us investigate!

With men's rings, there really are two safe colours that seem to be most popular, black and silver. Regardless of season or location, these colours seem to dominate the industry, no matter what shape or size. The main reason for this is that these colours go with any outfit in terms of what colour the jacket or shirt may be. The best way to find inspiration what is best for you is quite often to see what the stars are rocking, so let us take a look.

Is there a more iconic man we could use as an example than David Beckham? The denim shirt may not be for everyone but if there is a man who can pull it off it is him. The simple silver ring on the ring finger works perfectly. Again, the silver does not take away from the rest of the outfit but rather gives it an elegant and classy touch that brings everything together.

Let’s take a look elsewhere in terms of colour, how about a nice gold? Music superstar Justin Timberlake showed us exactly how it is done. A well-fitted tuxedo or black suit is the perfect outfit when complimented by a gold ring. The colour may not be for everyone and is certainly a more old fashioned sense of style than maybe a black or silver but the class never dies with gold rings and they will always be around in the men's jewellery scene.

Finally, are mixed coloured rings, perhaps a Stone Ring or a Platinum Ring which can have multiple colours, this is to wear some colour coordination can be really useful took to take your outfit to the next level. A marvellous silver ring with a crystal blue stone inside can be perfectly matched with a white top or perhaps denim jacket. The coordination means that again it can highlight the amazing colour of the ring.

Overall, the manner in which rings are worn means that quite often any ring can go with almost any piece of clothing, However, there are specific combinations which can make anyone stand out in a room. From gold with a classy tuxedo to silver with casual denim, there are so many ways to enhance your look with just a simple accessory. That is what is so exciting about accessory fashion right now, there are so many ways you can express yourself!