How Men Should Style Their Rings in 2019

For any male, venturing out into the world of rings and jewellery can be a daunting one, so many different styles can be approached, we are here to give the best tips and tricks to master your next, or first, ring complimented outfit. The best approach? There really is not an answer, for the most part, it is up to you and what represents you best. However, the safest and often the most appropriate? Less is more. Never forget that otherwise disaster can strike.

It is important to not generalise the use of jewellery, for example. bracelets, depending on style often work best when bunched together and overlapped to give a messy yet casual look. This is not the case for rings. Rings are sharp and stark, and can easily dominate any outfit, this year it should be your goal to absolutely smash the ring look, do this by keeping it low key and not dominating your attire.

Where else could we possibly look, is there a more powerful super couple than Beyonce and Jay Z? Probably not, and have a look at what Jay Z was rocking after Beyonce gave birth! Beyonce said she gave Jay Z the ring to celebrate the occasion. He certainly nailed it by understanding that the ring was significant, powerful and large and therefore did not require anything more, continuing the less is more trend. It is also worth noting the meaning behind the ring, having meaningful jewellery has always been a trend for both men and women, similar to tattoos. When this is the case, it is just another reason to go with the less is more attitude. Ignoring style reasons, it can give the significance of the ring the spotlight it deserves rather than being lost in the surrounding accessories. I think we can all agree Jay Z is looking sharp with that rock on his finger.

Now what if you feel more than one ring is required to look your best? They do say all good things come in threes, and this certainly can be the case for rings as well. Take something out of the Tungsten ring range, say a black textured ring of 8mm, more than one is certainly an option. The small and simplistic nature means a combination of rings can occur. It is important that the correct combination of colours are evident for an ideal look. In saying this, these male rings alone can work wonders. The simple and small nature means ideal comfort as well as style, and takes away any potential risk of ‘overdoing it’ or picking just the wrong combination between rings as well as your outfit.

It is not often we want to play it safe when talking about mens jewellery, even in 2019 it is a growing trend and not for everybody. Perhaps one day we will all walk around covered in rings and bracelets, but for now keep it simple, keep it classy and you will still most certainly be talk of the town.