How Men Should Wear Rings

Over the years, more and more men have been entering the jewellery scene. The market is booming and everybody can’t wait to purchase their next piece, but what about those just entering the scene now, where do they begin? It is critical when rocking any piece of jewellery that it is worn properly. So how should you be strutting your stuff this weekend?

The beauty about men's rings is that they can really be worn on any finger you want to, it really depends on the individual, however as you can imagine, each finger has its strengths and weaknesses.


The pinky is incredibly popular for men, it is a classy look that still keeps the comfort of using your hands in day to day life. With it being out of the way it allows you to use your hands in any way you desire whilst still flexing your rock.

Ring Finger

No surprises that this is also very popular, hence the name. However, the ring finger may only work for a certain demographic. Younger men, who perhaps may not be wearing a wedding ring could easily get away with using the finger as a fashion symbol. On the other hand, married men may want to steer clear of this finger and leave it purely for that special ring.

Middle Finger

This one is an interesting one, as stated earlier all fingers work but the middle finger needs a friend. What is meant here is that if you wish to wear a ring on your middle finger you may want to have a second ring on another finger, mainly for an asymmetry look, remembering its the imperfections that make us perfect.

Index or Pointing Finger

This finger may be the ultimate flex, no piece of jewellery will stand out more than a big powerful ring on the index finger, and due to this, only certain personalities can pull it off. It screams confidence and power, so if that describes you go for it!


The thumb ring, another display of real power in any male. It is important to remember here that purchasing a thumb ring obviously restricts you in experimenting with other fingers because of the size difference.

Okay, we have summarised each finger, so what is prime jewellery’s choice? We cannot stress the importance of picking the right finger for you. How you wear your ring shows so much about the character you are, so you want to get it right. The safest options are certainly the pinky or ring finger, however, if you really want to make a statement look no further than a thumb ring or the index finger. In saying this, Prince Charles famously wears a ring on his pinky and it no doubts one of the most powerful men in the world. Overall, when entering the men's jewellery scene, make sure to do your research and pick the perfect accessory for you.