Designer rings: are we seeing the return of sartorial elegance for men?

The last few years have seen a noticeable rise in premium designer rings for men.

We should be saying ‘the return of sartorial elegance for men’, rather than the rise. After all, designer rings & jewellery for men, are hardly new. Not that long ago, it was the height of fashion for men to dress in a certain ostentatious way.

A brief history of men’s jewellery fashion

If one goes back around 500 years or so, it was not uncommon to see men wear statement pieces like: chains, necklaces, earrings and rings—of course, back then it was also fashionable for men to wearing stockings. 500 years ago, big gaudy jewellery was a sign of wealth, status and power, you wanted to wear large chains, big rings and expensive stockings. Your clothes, your jewellery, your home and the number of servants you had were all signs that you were somebody.

Then things changed. Designer rings, in fact any jewellery that wasn’t subtle was associated with royalty—and since the monarchies were over, jewellery lost some of its lustre.

Men’s jewellery shrank and was reduced to watches, cufflinks and subtle rings. Unless you were a Rockstar…or Johnny Depp.



Modern ideas of fashion

It’s been a slow-building renaissance for men’s fashion; the last 50 years having seen ideas of style change to be more fluid. Wearing jewellery other than standard rings, cufflinks and watches has become acceptable and is, once again, a flourishing market.

What once was the niche of rock stars and celebrities, is now a part of many men’s wardrobe. One such market is skulls as sculpture. 2016 saw this trend rise with the skull being more artisanal and ethereal rather than large, gaudy and/or morbid. You don’t have to a goth or a bikie to wear a tasteful skull rink anymore.

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Premium rings for men: sartorial elegance

We now live in a time where you can call a skull ring ‘tasteful’. A time when men can discuss elegance in jewellery and fashion without ridicule. After all, who doesn’t want to look good? A renaissance is here; and many men are starting to see just how good it looks.

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