Men’s fashion rings

With the blatant increase in demand for men’s jewellery comes a new generation of men who are seeking non-conventional jewellery items to ramp up their style and make bold wardrobe statements. This new age of men are embracing unique and modernistic jewellery pieces which will allow them the freedom to express their individual style.


The different styles of designer rings-

Picking the perfect piece:

Choosing the perfect piece of jewellery to incorporate into your wardrobe can be challenging. Confidence is key when choosing which piece fits your specific style. As long as you can wear it with conviction, then you have made the right choice.

Depending on whether you’re a more classic, simple man who wants to add a bit of edge to your wardrobe or whether you consider yourself the next Johnny Depp, there is a range of men’s jewellery that will be appropriate to you.

If you currently uphold a more “classic and conventional “sense of style, but aren’t opposed to incorporating a touch of sophistication and style into your wardrobe, then you may be suited to a more classic banded ring. With simple yet masculine designs, this makes it the perfect wedding band or fashion ring.

Prime Jewelry’s collection of tungsten rings come in a range of unique and stylish designs, made from 100% pure tungsten carbide.

Something more daring:

A decorative ring on a mans hand is a bold statement. Gone are the days when the extent of men’s expression of style was reduced to cuff links and a nice watch. Make an aggressive statement with a stylish stone ring or animal rings.

Titanium stone rings within Prime Jewelry’s collection feature natural and artificial stones and crystals, making them the perfect style statement to add to any outfit.

The Skull:

The “skull image” has been appearing more frequently in non menacing or “rock and roll” ways. The symbol is breaking away from the more traditional “rough” and biker image and is beginning to be associated with more ethereal and artistic connotations.

Prime Jewelry's collection of skull rings are an excellent wardrobe staple if you are looking for something edgy and well detailed, made from high quality titanium steel.

Men’s jewellery, which was once thought of as De-masculating, is now rapidly expanding to welcome men from all avenues of life. Whether you’re the conventional mainstream man or looking for daring pieces to amp up your street style, there is bound to be a piece of jewellery which you can incorporate into your wardrobe.

Prime Jewelry are here to assist you and tailor to your design and style needs. Be sure to check out our high quality collection of men’s fashion rings which be added into the wardrobe of men with a vast array of different styles.