Mystery Secret Wood Rings

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There's no doubt the wooden fashion trend has been fast growing in recent years. What began as an introduction to wooden shoes and bracelets soon made way for designers embracing more innovative and edgy ways of incorporating wood into their designers. Now, it is not uncommon to see wooden sunglasses, jewellery, bags and even dresses gracing the runways of Paris, Milan and New York fashion weeks.

World-renowned designers have been seen taking their various wooden designs to mainstream fashion. Valeri Danevych, a famous designer created a timeless collection of exquisite, fully functional wooden watches. Elisa Strozyc was also well known for her collaboration with textile designer Maria Bonita in creating an unconventional, geometric wooden bag and dress.

This emerging trend has been immensely popular in the ring category as one of the most unique and aesthetically appealing pieces of jewellery you can own is a wooden ring. Amongst its popularity with unique individuals looking to amp up their street style, it has also gained demand within the wedding ring category for grooms seeking unique and contemporary wedding bands.

Coupled with the aesthetic appeal of these rings, they also have various symbolic meanings due to materials being derived from a living organism. As wood holds within it the life of the tree it came from, the energy and growth continues to resonate within the ring. They can also symbolise the importance of place, due to the material of wood being sourced from trees in various places around the world.

Wooden rings can be curated in various ways to yield beautiful and unique creations. Mystery wood rings offered by Prime Jewlery are a collection of magical wooden rings that are sure to mesmerise you. 

Each ring encapsulates a new world and a colourful experience such as snow mountains, forests, lagoons or floral designs. They are delicately handcrafted to create a tiny world that can be worn on your finger. Perfect for men and women alike who are wanting to stand out from the crowd and own a truly unique and artistic piece of jewellery.

These rings cannot be mass produced, instead are individually hand made and thus no two rings will be identical. Mystery secret wood rings are the latest trend and can be carried as a statement piece or worn to accompany other accessories. This collection also makes the perfect sentimental gift for someone special as each individually hand-crafted ring is made from highly durable wood ensuring your ring will last the test of time. Explore this magical collection and don't “Go for Gold” but instead “Go for Wood!”