The Power of Men's Stone Ring

As fashion-forward as the people wearing them may feel, men’s rings are not a new concept. There was a time when only the wealthy were allowed to wear gemstones. In fact, they were once rocked by Egyptian kings and even Vikings; some of the toughest men on the planet. What we all began to perceive as girly and feminine were once symbols of immense power and status.

Nowadays, the lines between gender are being blurred, and there are increasing ways for men to reclaim that personal sense of power. A fantastic way to achieve this is with the men’s silver stone ring. This ring is chunky, impactful, shows commitment and exudes confidence. The varying colours of this style add a pop to any outfit, can compliment skin tone more effectively and create a little bit of shine throughout a mans day. Stone’s have always symbolised toughness and what better way to show that than with a statement ring on your finger? The weightiness of these rings alone will boost your confidence, but there is more meaning hidden in these pieces.

Take Onyx for example. Onyx is a striking red or black. It’s primarily shineless, however, packs a punch in the overall look of your outfit. These rings are definitely a statement and work wonderfully worn on their own. Onyx is also said to transform negative energy and rid you of toxicity.

Agate is another powerful stone. Not for the faint of heart, the dark red or black colour again creates mystery and strength in a man’s look. Agate is also said to bring balance and grounding. This moody colour set in a thick silver engraved band is a winning combination. These rings have a vintage feel and work stunningly juxtaposed with the modern man’s wardrobe.

A great way to add some bling to a classic, simple look is with Zircon. Zircon is said to symbolise protectiveness and above all, will ensure that you will without a doubt improve your overall look. We believe that diamonds CAN be a man’s best friend, and don’t have to be used exclusively in engagements. The male ring, in general, used to exclusively signal commitment. So while the diamond can seem daunting, it’s a fantastic way to show status and class. The diamond ring or studded signet has been shown in abundance in the fashion world with rappers, singers and actors alike all showing off their bling in recent times.

How you style this ring is up to you. The beauty of these rings (apart from the way they look) is that they are a statement, and therefore work perfectly worn on their own. We recommend, however, stacking them up with a Tungsten ring or signet for maximum impact. No one will be able to argue that you’ve well and truly committed to your look. Hello, confidence!

So if you want to reclaim some of your primal power, balance your mood or just create a killer look, we highly recommend investing in a men’s ring. For the bold, fashion-forward man who wants to make his mark and create a lasting impression.