Top Mistakes Men make when Wearing Jewellery

The modern world we live in almost demands men to indulge in the accessory lifestyle. Men’s Jewelry area of fashion is at an all-time high right now with our fashion leaders leading the charge and us all following. However when taking part in the craze, men must be careful in their style choice, a wrong decision can be disastrous for any outfit.

The first major mistake, which is probably the most common is a lack of confidence from the man themselves. This is one of the biggest jewellery style tips for men: wear your jewellery with confidence. You are breaking the mould of men's fashion, and you should do so with self-assurance. Men wearing jewellery should wear their pieces with confidence. Standing out and going against the grain in fashion is not always as risky as some might believe, as long as it is accompanied by confidence and you feel comfortable, you will be able to pull off what you are wearing.

Another mistake men make when wearing their jewellery, which can influence the lack of confidence is not going for a colour scheme that suits them. Know your type of skin, and know what types of colours work well with your skin tone and complement it. For example, cooler skin tones are more suited for silver, metal, or white gold pieces. Warm tones, on the other hand, are better complemented by yellow gold or rose gold. If your complexion is more on the neutral side, go for basic yellow and white metals. One of the jewellery style tips to keep in mind while you're choosing a colour scheme is to picture your existing wardrobe pieces. Choose metals that will go great with the clothing you already have.

Some men who wear jewellery can go over the top, go way too far in what they pick and take their accessories into overkill mode. Jewellery is meant to compliment your outfit, not be the star of the show. In most cases, it's best to keep your jewellery tasteful and understated. As the old proverb goes, less is more. Overaccessorizing can also be unflattering for your body type.

Lastly, make sure you are not inappropriate with your accessories. Read the room, understand what the dress code is and what is expected of your appearance. An extreme example may be at a funeral, don’t wear flashy and stand out jewellery, or even in your workplace, make sure to keep it tame, you can always go and show off your jewels after you leave the funeral or workplace.  In job interviews or other business situations, minimalism is also key. Look out for dress codes or guidelines to follow when choosing how to accessorize.

Overall, the time to get into men’s jewellery is right now. You’ll be turning heads all over the place but you just have to make sure you do it right. Too often men make mistakes costing them that wow factor that everyone looks for when using rings and other accessories.