What Mens Jewellery is Hot in 2019

Modern mens fashion is one of the most powerful trends in our society, from tattoos to man buns, the lengths males go to just to keep up can be extraordinary. The pride of appearance goes to new levels each and every year. Therefore this leads us to our question, what is in store for 2019?

Men have, in the past been known to on occasion not fully embrace fashion shifts, in fact until recently, magazines and other sources of fashion were incredibly female dominated. Magazine sales throughout history tell us that. However, the rise of social media has caused a shift in this mentality. Icons and other people of influence are guiding the way men approach their style, suddenly men are seeing these new trends all over social media, Instagram and Snapchat specifically, have changed the game.

He might not be quite the Prince of Bel-Air like his father, but Jaden Smith’s arrival to the Met Gala in late 2018 certainly gave us an indication of what we can expect from the male scene this year, a jewellery dominated one. A large chained necklace sat tight around his neck whilst he strutted his stuff. Today millions of people, specifically men are exposed to these scenes at the Met Gala due to their social media activity, gone are the days of having to venture out to purchase a magazine. The world of mens fashion is in the palm of our hands and changing all the time. Therefore, let's have a look at what 2019 has for us.  

The way men dress is taking a back seat in this year, the shirt, jacket or t shirt we rock each day is nothing without it being perfectly accompanied by appropriate jewellery. We cannot talk about 2019 trending jewellery without mentioning rings. Just like in yesteryears, we only expect changes in the size and the shape. The perfect ring in 2019 may not be the ring alone, but instead what works best with the outfit you are bringing to the table. The wide range in style of men’s rings means the variety we will potentially see is exciting as much as it is intriguing. The titanium rectangle rings are expected to take charge and can be worn on any finger, of course as long as it suits the rest of the appearance. Double or even triple wearing is certainly option just as long as they all compliment each other in a classy yet powerful way.

What if the ring is just not for you? How about the perfect combination of leather and skulls in a bracelet? No outfit can be complete without a touch of leather around the wrist and this year everything is about the skull! The durability and ruggedness of leather is reflective of the modern man, this makes it the perfect material for any male. The combination of simple yet scary will be the talk of 2019 and is an absolute must for any casual weekend wear.