Where To Wear Your Mens Ring?

We all know there’s a how-to for everything. Not surprising to say that while browsing through the web and searching for mens ring, there are also ways and how-tos on wearing mens fashion rings. Here are a few guidelines that we've collected that are interesting facts on how (or where) to wear rings for men:

1. Pinky Rings: These are the most frequently used fingers for wearing rings (also easiest). Why? Because wearing pinky rings do not have any religious association/ generally heavy meanings as in most cultures, unlike the ring finger which is associated with marriage and sacred vows. Although some movies often portray the pinky ring to be associated with those involved in crime, there isn’t a strong proven worldwide linkage between these two.

Pinky fingers are also perfect for rings because they are small and located at the last finger, causing less hindrance when operating daily activities with an accessory on that finger.

2. Thumb Rings: The thumb is a good finger for people who want to wear multiple rings on their finger. According to leaf.tv, wearing a thumb ring symbolizes strength and rank status among men. Once upon a time, it was believed that wearing a thumb ring signifies individualism and freedom that a person is trying to express.

3. Index Finger Rings: While people might think that it’s rare to wear a ring on the index finger, it is actually very common back a century back and in fact, with the prominent different ranks in the social hierarchy, there were rules that some ranks were forbidden to wear the ring on this finger just because it represents forms of power and status which they may not have.

For this reason, the ring usually used on the index finger is of a family crest or a class ring. Others say that wearing a ring on the index finger represents ambition and leadership.

4. Middle Finger Rings: Being the central finger of the hand, wearing a ring in the middle finger represents balance and order. It is quite uncommon however to wear the ring on this finger because wearing a bulky ring on the middle finger may cause hindrance to daily activities.

5. Ring Finger: Finally, we get on to the ring finger. The ring finger as mentioned previously is a wedding symbolism. Because the Egyptians believed that this finger has a vein that directly connects to the heart, this is the finger chosen to represent a romantic relationship. Usually, the ring on this finger is simple but that does not go to say that you can’t wear a decorative one.

Now that you know what the ring on each finger represents, you can go ahead, get yourself a fashionable mens ring online and choose which meaning resonates with you.