Why Choose Titanium Rings

With the practical benefits titanium offers, coupled with its sleek contemporary design, its no wonder titanium is becoming the most sought after metal used in jewellery. Purchasing jewellery often involves a large investment of not only money but also time into researching which material and style suits your needs.

If you are in pursuit of jewellery that is going to have longevity, is well designed, high quality but also within the budget then titanium may be the way to go.

With the aid of technology, it has become simpler to streamline research processes and increase knowledge about other jewellery alternatives compared to the stock standard gold and silver. With that said, here are some benefits of titanium that you need to know!


  • Health benefits: Yes, asides from the obvious aesthetic appeal, wearing titanium jewellery interestingly offers numerous health benefits. Titanium can serve as a method to alleviate pain through a type of magnetic therapy where nerves are stimulated, resulting in increased blood flow, bringing healthy oxygenated blood and nutrients to the area. This also serves as a mechanism to boost your energy levels as an increase in oxygen that flows to the muscles and tissues on a cellular level will leave you feeling more energetic.


  • Biocompatibility: Many people suffer from allergic reactions to gold and silver due to it being mixed with highly allergic substances that cause skin irritations. Titanium is used in its most purest form and therefore is biocompatible with almost all types of skin. This means it can be worn by everyone without causing rashes or skin discolouration.


  • Strength and durability: Among all benefits of titanium, its strength and durability has to be the most noteworthy. It is highly scratch resistant compared to gold and silver jewellery which scratches easily with everyday wear. Titanium is three times the strength of steel, making it suitable to wear in adverse conditions without risk of denting, scratching , corroding or changing colour.


  • Comfort: Coupled with its strength, titanium is an incredibly lightweight metal compared to gold, silver, steel or platinum, making it extremely comfortable for everyday wear.


  • Style: Despite its strength, titanium can be manufactured in a variety of different styles; setting with stones, inlays of other metals and heating to change the colour from pink to yellow, black ,purple, red. This makes it easy to tailor to individual preferences and styles.


Our popular vintage blue stone ring

  • Affordability: On top of the copious benefits titanium offers, it remains one of the most affordable metals due to its limited processing. Titanium is found naturally ready to be formed, thus the shorter metal-forming process makes it much more cost effective than other metals such as gold and silver which undertake multiple combining and refining processes.

The unique properties of titanium coupled with its sleek contemporary aesthetics make it a perfect investment for wedding bands. Prime Jewelry offer unique and modern wedding bands, perfect for grooms looking for an appealing sleek design that is durable and going to last a lifetime. The stylish titanium ring collection is highly sought after as a lifestyle or fashion ring, comfortable and durable enough for everyday wear.

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