Why Men Should Wear Jewellery in 2019

The modern man is a classy man. There are almost no boundaries these days in gender roles, and what is expected from men. This gives us so much freedom in our want to experiment, and what better way to experiment than with some fantastic pieces of men’s jewellery. There has never been a better time to indulge in the area, so why not give it a go and see what fantastic accessories can take your outfit to the next level.

When entering the area of men’s jewellery, we must keep in mind that jewellery has meaning. Even today people have ideas of what jewellery means. For some it can mean wealth, some it can mean class, and for some, it can even mean crime. All these assumptions obviously depend on what type of jewellery you wear, but it is most important to remember that if chosen correctly, the assumption of class, or even wealth if that is your desire, can certainly be achieved.

Dress codes set standards, whether it be an event, the workplace or just a casual hang out, all scenarios have an official or unofficial dress code which is always important to be aware of. Let’s take the workplace as an example, quite often pants, maybe a suit jacket and tie are required, there certainly is not much room for movement and therefore standing out and looking extra classy can be difficult. This is where men's jewellery comes into play. The burden of appropriateness is always something people have to consider when a man chooses to wear jewellery, he must be aware of how ‘flashy’ and out there the piece can be. Know this and be restrained when you’re in any kind of professional setting.  You can express yourself at work, it is one of the benefits of wearing jewellery, however just like women have for so many years, make it appropriate. You can stand out and add that little bit of class to your work attire without breaking the boundaries. Jewellery is, by its nature, small enough to slip into a jacket pocket after all.

Continuing the theme of the meaning behind jewellery, it is seriously important to note that men now have the ability to really show themselves through what they wear. For years and years, there has been a great restriction on men’s fashion, however, with the introduction to men's jewellery becoming more prominent in the fashion world, it now enables men to express their own personality through their style. Obviously this is within reason of circumstances, but for example, if you were someone with a loud, fiery and powerful personality, rocking a chain around your neck or a large rock on your finger is now seen as a statement, a way to indicate to people that this is the type of person you are.

To conclude, the way men's fashion is heading is exciting. It is certainly time to indulge in men's jewellery, it allows for a sense of classiness, an ability to stand out and also a chance to represent yourself through what you wear.