Winter Seasons Mens Rings Trends

Winter is coming. It’s now time for those jackets, jeans and jumpers to come out of the closet and strut their stuff. You know your winter style, you know what colours you are going for, but is it time to change up the jewellery for the new season? Time to find out what accessories you should be rocking this winter season.

Like always, the only men’s ring that’s 100% acceptable every day, without change, is his wedding band. Other than that, there are certain ways to wear them, and specific styles that suit you specifically. Knowing this will help you create a look filled with swagger. When we look at clothing, denim jackets, fur, jeans, all seem to still be the trend so therefore it is critical to look at what suits these colours, designs and overall outfits the best.

In the celebrity scene, not many men have more fashion trend influence than the one and only Johnny Depp. We see that his selection of ring choices are large in width, and this is our first recommendation. The larger width suggests a more masculine and powerful look, naturally, the male style clothing makes men’s jewellery stand out more, in 2019 this is certainly seen as a positive so we suggest making sure your rings are being shown off with a large width. On the other hand, let’s say you personally love thinner rings, that is just fine as well, however a recommendation in regards to that would be to double, or even triple up on the rings to create a heavier, bulkier look. This will no doubt make heads turn.

Another really important aspect of choosing your rings is to make sure they are a reflection of you. Pick your favourite styles, pick your colours, and wear the amount you want to. Of course, stay within the boundaries discussed previously, however, If you try to be someone you are not you will not be able to pull off the sort of look you are hoping for. If you feel happy with what you are wearing, naturally the way you stand, the way you smile will all make your overall outfit look so much better. Remember to always see trends as guidelines instead of rules, the way you dress to head out on the weekend is always completely up to you!

Overall, winter 2019 looks set to go a little against the grain in standard ways of wearing men's rings, The phrase of less is more has been but on the back burner for just a little bit whilst being bulky and masculine is taking over. Make sure your rings reflect you in a bulky manner, strut your stuff this winter and be the most well-dressed man in the room. Men's jewellery will be absolutely everywhere this winter, make sure to keep an eye out.